Melbourne, VIC, Australia

19 – 22 July 2024
Regeneration Church Monash (118 Wellington Road, Clayton)
With Ben & Jess Connelly from The Equipping Group, Stephen Tan (Senior Pastor, Regeneration Church, VIC), Pete Greenwood (Lead Pastor, Inner West Church, VIC), and Seth Emery (Gathered Church, SA)


An equipping environment where missional community moves from theory to experience.

We put people in an environment to experience missional community life, to taste and see, rather than just talk theoretically about it. Every participant stays in the home of a missional community leader and sees their lives. They’re immersed in a gospel rich environment and participate in everyday mission.

Soma School equips leaders, church planters, and staff to engage in missional community life, to lead missional communities, and to lead a church of missional communities.

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Who is soma australia?

Soma Australia is both a family and a movement. We’re a family of Australian churches who support each other. And we’re also a movement working with City to City Australia to equip and empower Australian churches and church planters.

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Soma Global Areas

Soma Global Areas is a new way to support and grow Soma churches across the world. The goal is to establish new Soma Areas. These are families of churches within different countries, so that multiple churches in a nation work together, in a more organised, sustainable and accountable way than we have so far. A Global Leadership Team has been formed, led by Brad Watson. Its role is to serve, equip and champion the emerging global areas. And then, under the umbrella of the Global Leadership Team, Area Teams are being formed in each country. An Australian Area Team has now been formed, and its role is to help strengthen, care for, and establish a healthy family of Soma churches here in Australia.


We want every man, woman, and child in Australia to experience an encounter with Jesus Christ in both word and deed in the everyday. We believe missional communities are a biblical and incredibly powerful way of seeing this happen.



We want to give people the ability to plant and lead missional communities, and to plant and lead churches of missional communities.

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We partner with

City to city australia

City to City Australia exists to help leaders build gospel movements in Australian cities. The vision of City to City Australia is to join with God to see major city centres in Australia worshipping Jesus Christ as Lord.

Soma Australia has officially joined City to City Australia. 

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Soma US

We’re a family of churches. We make disciples, strengthen one another, and plant churches of Missional Communities towards Gospel Saturation…until every man, woman, and child has a daily encounter with Jesus in word and deed.

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