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Saturate the world

Saturate is the resource platform of the Soma Family of Churches. We seek to be a catalyst for the Missional Community movement happening beyond our own churches across the world. We equip everyday disciples to proclaim Jesus, be the Church, and participate in his mission. We provide cohort-based immersive equipping that recruits, assesses, trains, and sends church planting teams to birth Missional Community shaped churches.

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Missional made simple

Missional Made Simple keeps it simple yet addresses all the most frequently asked questions around living as a family on mission.


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gospel centred discipleship

Gospel-Centred Discipleship exists to cultivate writers and resources that help make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus. We’re meant to apply the benefits of the gospel to our lives every day, not to merely bank on them for a single instance of ‘being saved.’ 

Soma Australia recommends you specifically check out the series of books: ‘Called Together’, ‘Sent Together’ and ‘Multiply Together’.

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